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It's all about alignment and the unfoldment of YOU.

That unique Soul that you came down to BE.

Mags O'Brien

My BIG Why.


I believe that every one of us can live the life we truly love - if we choose to create it deliberately (and I get that can seem challenging – I've been there too).  


What's in it for you?


My purpose is to be a guide to inspire and empower you to consciously live the life you truly love by helping you to:   

⭐️  See why you are burned out, exhausted, feeling lost and purposeless;  

⭐️  Understand who you are at Soul Level (how you are designed), see your potential and what works for you;  

⭐️  Make the changes needed to be in alignment to attain what is success and happiness for you;  

⭐️  Overcome self-sabotage when that ego part of us, that what's to keep us safe, kicks off;  

⭐️  To build a solid foundation of practical steps to keep creating and growing. 

⭐️  And then to see what's possible - how great can we feel!


Who am I to do this?  


I live this in my life day to day. Through many years of experience doing this for myself and coaching others to successfully make those changes, I share what has worked and invite you to see if it works for you too.     

I started my journey as a therapist and teacher over 30 years ago. I use my experience to help others to make positive life changes through online workshops and coaching.   

My passion is inspiring others to be truly who they are and to give them the calm, confidence to make those changes.

Sharing tried and tested techniques I enable others to find their passion and bring it into being. The work is practical and down to Earth. 

I also have corporate experience in team management and field sales and have been fully self-employed since 2008.   

My strength as a coach is that I can quickly identify the heart of the matter and share possible solutions.

I am very strategic and will give you a step-by-step process to achieve what you want in your life. I will always give you the ‘why’ for the things we will be doing.  I am an ideas person and can see your potential to thrive and grow.   

I blend spirituality with real life and ground them into practical actions so you can make this happen for you. 

There is no formula or 'one size fits all', approach - it's all uniquely what you need. 


My qualifications -

⭐️ A Human Being - walking my talk, with a ton of practical experience!

⭐️ Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, 

⭐️ Certified Quantum Human Design Coach

⭐️ Certified Quantum Human Design Family Coach

⭐️ Certified Advanced Relationship and Family Analysis

⭐️Quantum Alignment System Practitioner.  

⭐️ QAS Advanced Relationship Activation 

⭐️ Certified Holistic Coach - Getting Out of Your Own Way

⭐️ Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner

⭐️ Licensed Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Teacher  

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