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I work with business owners to help you beat burnout, having to work too hard and be inauthentic to get business, losing clarity, purpose, and passion in your business. 



Mags O'Brien - Life Transformation Specialist presents: 

Aligned by Design for Business Owners


      Helping you beat

  • Burnout
  • Working too hard
  • Having to be inauthentic to get business
  • Losing clarity, passion, and purpose


  • Understanding how your unique energy works
  • Knowing what is truly authentic for you - and not what's expected of you!
  • Gaining clarity, you restore your passion and purpose
  • Giving you an ACTIONABLE blueprint to empower you to thrive and grow  


Using Quantum Human Design™, Soul Realignment™, Holistic Coaching and EFT to change your story to express your unique self in the World.

Resources for every stage of the journey

Aligned By Design for Business Owners

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