We have such busy lives these days. Do you find at the end of the week, you’ve done everything for everyone else and nothing for yourself? Does your work take over and there’s no time for you?  Maybe you need to look at your work life balance?

It’s so easy to prioritise other things. We are taught that it is selfish to put ourselves first – no-one wants to be considered selfish, do we?

Although we may have a tendency to put work first, it doesn’t do us any good if we are exhausted due to the lack of work life balance.  It could lead to us not liking our work!

However, I would say that looking after yourself and your well being is not selfish but essential for each of us to feel good and well. When we feel good and well, we can do so much more for others and from a better space. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “if you don’t make time for wellness, you WILL have to make time for illness”. Powerful words – just think about that.


What if, by doing everything for everyone else, you feel drained, exhausted, a bit resentful and as a result you don’t enjoy what you do.

Now consider how it would be if you took some time for you and let others be and fend for themselves for a short time. What if you felt relaxed, rested and happier in yourself. How would you feel doing things for others now? It doesn’t take a lot to tip the work life balance back in your favour.


Sit quietly and consider how much you really take care of yourself and have time for you?

Does work take over, leaving you little time for the family and no time for you?

Where can you make small changes?

Is it really selfish to have one hour a week to yourself, doing something you love?

I think not. Bear in mind that this work both ways – those around you also need to attain that balance and have their time too.

Keep taking small steps to get that work life balance to be happier and healthier.

Love Mags x

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