Do we like change? Seemingly not but is it good for us?

Have you noticed that the energies in recent times have been rather intense and stirring things up to get us to change? Potentially it makes us look at what we want in our lives and more importantly, what we don’t want.

I was at the Tree of Life Festival last weekend. It was brilliant because I loved meeting new people and doing my talk to a room of 30 people. It was such a good feeling to be doing what I love.

My work is amazing but there are aspects of running my own business that I don’t enjoy.

This set me on a mission to look at what I’m doing on a day to day basis. What did I love doing and what did I not love doing?

Looking at what I don’t like doing I’ve asked myself – do I really need to do this? Can I do it differently in a way I enjoy? How can I change it?

Have you noticed that we can get into a routine that we just do things?

There are times that we just have to suck it up and get things done but all the time? I think not.

I invite you to consider a similar life audit to see where you can make some adjustments to make things a little bit more joyful.

Let me know how you get on.
Mags xx

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