What My Clients Say

My Soul Realignment® Success Stories

Before my Soul Realignment® session with Mags, I felt really excited but also intrigued as I’d not heard of Soul Realignment before. I had no hesitations about working with Mags, as she has done readings for me in the past and they have always been really good!

Throughout the session, the things that Mags told me really resonated with me. I could think of instances throughout my life and also in the present moment where I’d displayed the behaviours and tendencies, she was telling me about. I now have a better understanding of where these behaviours have come from and why I do the things that I do.

loved that Mags told me how to change these behaviours and characteristics, to improve my life moving forwards and to allow me to live to my full potential.

I would recommend Soul Realignment with Mags to all of my friends and family. Mags is a true professional. She is excellent at what she does, and she makes the ‘spooky’ and ‘spiritual’ stuff accessible, fun and easy to understand!


Kelly McFie, Manachester

Founder of Fitness Works, Manchester

I was contemplating a relationship break up and struggling to work out why I was not moving forward very fast in my business.

I was happy to give [Soul Realignment®] a go, I had nothing to lose…only money!

The things you found out about ‘who I was as a soul’ i.e what makes me tick as a person, was good to hear articulated by someone who didn’t know me at all – I did not expect that. I found the whole process uplifting and I felt empowered to make my decisions and feel 100% happy about them without the ‘But what ifs’ getting the better of me.

How likely would you be to recommend the course to friends? A lot.

Angela Dainton, Manchester

I was feeling a bit confused about what I wanted to be doing for myself in my business. I had been doing further training that I wasn’t sure how to integrate what I was doing. My business had reached a critical point and I was feeling unsatisfied. I had also been participating in mindset work but always found that I would get so far and then get ‘stuck’ like there was something that didn’t want me to find an answer. I was looking to find more joy in my life.

think the main aspect of the Soul Realignment® session was the volume of information that was available to process. So, much of the information resonated with behaviours I had noticed but had not necessarily discussed or thought relevant.

The main take away for me has been the identification of energy centre, how that has been present throughout my life and how that can guide the development of ideas in keeping with my being so, that I feel free in the actions that I take.

I would recommend others explore these sessions.

Jay Claydon, Ormskirk