I’m checking in to see how you are doing right now. 

Some people say that we are all in the same boat.  I agree from the perspective that we are all human beings, living in extraordinary circumstances. 

After that we all have our own unique situations in the current time. 

Some of us are working as usual (or more) or working differently (like me). 

Some of us are off work and loving it or hating it or somewhere in between. 

Some of us are chilled and optimistic, a lot of us are worried, fearful or downright terrified. 

Some of us are dealing with bereavement or illness, isolating or shielding. 

So truly, how are you doing? 

These are extraordinary times for humanity and the planet. 

What if I offered this idea for you? 

This is not about the VIRUS but it is a vehicle for the MASS AWAKENING of humanity and the rising of our collective vibration. 

The awakening in 2020 was long forecast but we never knew what form it would take. 

Astrologically in 2020 we are into the 200 year transition phase of the great Age of Aquarius. At this time the major planets leave Capricorn – the sign of materialism, consumerism, law and government into Aquarius – the sign of mass communication, technology, freedom, radical ideas and revolution! 

For me, seeing the big picture helps me deal with what’s happening here on the ground. 

Currently Pluto is retrograde and it’s making us go deep within to look at our fears and hidden gifts.  This is 5 months of deep work. 

What is your Soul asking of you right now?  

What Soul gifts are you hiding or not using? 

What karmic patterns are stopping you from being the Soul that you came down to be? 

This is what is on the table right now. 

Take this opportunity, while the world is in flux, to make the changes that you’ve always wanted to make. 

I hope seeing the bigger picture helps you.  It certainly helps me to keep steady as we work our way through this. 

 Sending love and healing for those that want it. 💕💕

Much love Mags xx