When we work towards creating the life we want, it’s very easy to get knocked off track and fall back into old ways. Therefore we need to make sure we keep in our high vibe and keep moving towards what we want.

The answer is to get a daily routine as a positive good habit. It takes 30 days to make something a habit. I have found it easier to add one thing at a time rather than big changes that can become

Things that can keep your vibe high can be meditation, practicing gratitude, doing things that make you happy or feeling the how good, where you want to be, is now.


Pick on the easiest thing for you integrate into your day. Gratitude is easy. Look at all the great things you have in your life and around you. This really lifts your mood and takes the focus off any difficulties. When we feel good, the day goes better and things seem to work. This is what we want as it helps keep you on track.


Sit quietly and think about what is the one thing you will add to your daily routine to keep you on track.

Make sure you do this every day and when you have done it for 30 days – give yourself a reward. Notice how it helps keep you on track.  You can decide what else you would like to add to your routine.

The key is that is it keeps your high vibe.

Love Mags x

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