Level 1 Soul Realignment ®

Where you are at

Are you a self-motivated business woman who is struggling to move your business to the next level? 

The problems you have right now

  • You are passionate about your business and want to help people.  You know what to do but you’re just not doing it. 
  • Instead you are often stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. 
  • There’s not enough time, energy or resources to do what you need to do in your business as well as be the best in your relationships, family and life! 

What help you need right now

  • You want to know why is this happening and what can you do to change it?  
  • Realise that the last thing you need right now is another ‘how to…’ coaching programme 
  • Understand how the Akashic records can help to give you different insights about you so that you can move forward in a way that’s right for you. 

Our Level 1 Soul Realignment ® comprises of 3 sessions over one month, via  Zoom or Skype.

  • Helps you to get super clear who you are at Soul level and what works for you.
  • To understand what it is you need to do to make the changes you want and what different action to take.
  • Know who you are at the deepest Soul level and how you can make different choices to make positive changes in your life.

What do you get for your investment?

There are 3 sessions over the 4 weeks

1 Soul Realignment Reading, clearing and 21 days of homework

2 Follow up coaching after the 7-10 days homework

3 Follow up coaching after the 21 days homework These sessions are made by appointment over the 4 weeks.

Remember, you need space to process these changes, hence the time between the follow up. The follow up coaching sessions are 50 minutes and they are to assist you with taking right action after the reading.

For more information on the "Level 1 Soul Realignment ® ", please get in touch using the contact form below.

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