About Mags

I believe in a world where everyone if they chose, can create the life they want and live their Soul’s purpose.
I’m on a mission to show how that can be done in a very down to Earth way using spiritual principles. I’m my own experiment and like you, I’m a work in progress. However, I have discovered what can be done to assist the process and it’s my passion to share it and celebrate people’s successes. It is about creating changes in the physical world to live the life you want.
I started my journey as a therapist and teacher over 20 years ago. That experience is used so that I help others to make positive life changes through workshops, coaching, and mediumship.
My passion is inspiring others to be truly who they are at the deepest Soul level and live as that Soul in their everyday life. As a licensed Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Teacher, I share tried and tested techniques to enable others to find their passion and bring it into being. The work is done in the room so it is practical and down to Earth.
As an Advanced Soul Realignment ® Practitioner, I can help you do deeper to work with blocks and restrictions created at Soul level to help you make different choices to clear them. In my experience, this gets to the root of what get’s in the way of the Soul we came down to be. When these are cleared we can more easily make those changes that have kept us stuck or lost for so long.
Underpinning all my work is my connection to Spirit as I am guided to give what is needed to the people I work with. My mediumship is also used in the guided meditations and inspired speaking directly channeled from spirit in my talks and workshops. Also, I live this!
Love Mags x
Mags O'Brian